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Ashfika Rahman

Ashfika Rahman

Ashfika Rahman, born in 1988 in Bangladesh, draws inspiration from her mother’s role as a social worker. Her artistic focus revolves primarily around photography, which she ingeniously recontextualizes through contemporary media such as prints, text, and sculpture. Through this medium, she conducts research and meticulously documents marginalized and oppressed groups within her homeland. However, her approach goes far beyond mere documentation; Ashfika actively engages with these communities, collaboratively sharing their poignant and harrowing experiences – a populace largely affected by disenfranchisement. Tragically, the histories and cultures of these communities face erasure due to the unrelenting and severe policies and ideologies upheld by both the state and the societal elite of the nation. Ashfika’s art serves to not only bring attention to these critical issues but also to illuminate the dire threats posed to humanity itself.


Furthermore, Ashfika’s commitment extends to the establishment of a photography school for children, situated on a boat in her grandmother’s cherished location – the expansive Chalan Beel, Bangladesh’s largest wetland. In this innovative setting, she explores alternative methods of art education, reflecting her dedication to fostering creativity and expression in novel ways.


Alongside her artistic endeavors and social initiatives, Ashfika enriches the academic sphere. She imparts her insights through lectures at prestigious institutions such as the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Switzerland and the Hochschule Hannover in Germany.


Moreover, her involvement extends to the Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Bangladesh, where she serves as a faculty member. Her contributions extend globally, as evidenced by her affiliation with the MAPS Images agency in Brussels and other galleries and art spaces, highlighting her international engagement in the realm of art and advocacy.

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