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Devenez professeur de français à l’Alliance française de Dhaka.


Vous aimeriez devenir professeur de français et enseigner à l’Alliance française de Dhaka?


C’est possible si vous êtes motivé(e) et titulaire de DELF B2 et si vous suivez notre formation initiale. La formation est gratuite. Vous devrez cependant candidater pour suivre cette formation. À l’issue de la formation, une évaluation sera réalisée afin de déterminer vos compétences pour vous intègrer dans notre équipe pédagogique.


La prochaine formation initiale de professeur de français langue étrangère (FLE) se déroulera de fin mars au juin 2024 à l’Alliance française de Dhaka à Dhanmondi.


Articulée autour de cours théoriques et d’ateliers pratiques mais aussi d’observations de classes, suivies de prises de classes en responsabilité (avec les conseils d’un professeur tuteur) ainsi que participation aux activités de l’Alliance française.


👉 Cette formation s’étend sur 120 heures environ, répartie sur 8-9 semaines à raison de 16 heures/semaine.

👉 Les cours se déroulent les vendredi et samedi (présentiel de 9 h à 17 h 30) + mercredi et jeudi (en ligne de 18 h à 21 h).

👉 Elle vous préparera à votre mission d’enseignant à l’Alliance française de Dhaka.


◾ Être enseignant

Les ateliers et cours théoriques sont animés par les professeurs formateurs expérimentés de l’Alliance française de Dhaka. Le petit effectif de cette formation, limité à 5-8 participants, favorise un climat d’échanges, l’interaction et la convivialité.


ℹ Pour candidater, veuillez nous envoyer les documents suivants avant le 10 mars 2024.


1️⃣ Une copie de vos diplômes FLE ou Certificat DELF-DALF (minimum B2)


2️⃣ Une lettre de motivation et un cv en français


Nous encourageons particulièrement les étudiants de l’Alliance française, ou des étudiants ayant un bon niveau de langue, à déposer leurs candidatures. La sélection des candidatures se fera jusqu’au fin mars, 2024 et se fait sur dossier et entretiens.


📧 Merci d’adresser votre candidature ou toute demande d’informations, à [email protected]



At Alliance Française de Dhaka, there are various avenues for individuals to join as members, employees, French language teachers, or interns, fostering a dynamic and multicultural environment.

  • Membership: Becoming a member of Alliance Française de Dhaka offers access to a vibrant community and diverse cultural experiences. Members can participate in events, access the library and multimedia resources, join language courses, and enjoy discounts on cultural activities.
  • French Language Teaching: Alliance Française de Dhaka seeks qualified, enthusiastic and skilled French language teachers, both locally and internationally. Proficiency in French (minimum of DELF-B2) and expertise in teaching methodologies are typically prerequisites for these roles. Candidates with qualifications or currently studying FLE are encouraged to apply.

  • Internship Programs: The institution often welcomes interns, both from international and domestic backgrounds, offering valuable hands-on experience in various departments such as cultural events, administration, language teaching support, or marketing. Internships provide an opportunity to gain practical skills and immerse in a multicultural work environment.
  • Employment Opportunities: The institution occasionally advertises job openings for positions in administration, cultural coordination, language teaching, and other roles. These opportunities provide a chance to contribute to the institution’s mission of promoting French language and culture.

For individuals interested in any of these opportunities, it’s advisable to regularly check the Alliance Française de Dhaka website or reach out to their human resources or administration department for current vacancies, internship programs, or teaching positions. The application processes, requirements, and available positions may vary, so direct communication with the institution will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Joining Alliance Française de Dhaka as a French language teacher offers a rewarding opportunity to impart linguistic and cultural knowledge while being part of a vibrant and esteemed institution dedicated to promoting French language and culture. Here’s an overview of the process:


Qualifications: Typically, Alliance Française seeks individuals proficient in French language (often native or near-native fluency) with relevant teaching qualifications or experience. A degree in French language (minimum of DELF-B2), linguistics, education on Masters in FLE, or a related field is often preferred.


Teaching Skills: Strong communication skills, teaching methodologies, and the ability to engage and motivate students are crucial. Experience in curriculum development, lesson planning, and proficiency in teaching different levels of language learners might be advantageous.



Cultural Engagement: Being a French language teacher at Alliance Française de Dhaka involves not only teaching the language but also sharing cultural aspects of the Francophone world. This might include organizing cultural events, workshops, and fostering cultural exchange.


Application Process: Job openings for teaching French are commonly advertised on the institution’s website or through relevant channels. Applicants are required to submit their resumes, motivation letter, teaching credentials, and any other necessary documents, all written in French.


Interview and Evaluation: Shortlisted candidates may undergo an interview or teaching demonstration to assess their teaching abilities, language proficiency, and suitability for the role.


Working as a French language teacher at Alliance Française de Dhaka provides an opportunity to contribute to students’ language learning journeys, foster cultural understanding, and be part of a passionate community dedicated to promoting French language and culture.


Interested individuals can regularly check the Alliance Française de Dhaka website or contact the institution directly for information about available teaching positions, application procedures, and requirements for joining as a French language teacher.


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Becoming a member of Alliance Française de Dhaka offers a passport to a world of cultural richness, educational resources, and engaging experiences. As a member, you gain access to a multitude of benefits and opportunities that cater to diverse interests:


Cultural Access: Memberships grant exclusive access to a variety of cultural events, including film screenings, art exhibitions, concerts, and literary discussions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the vibrant French and Bangladeshi cultural scenes.


Library and Resources: Enjoy access to the Alliance Française library, offering a treasure trove of French literature, language resources, films, music, and multimedia materials. This allows you to explore French culture, language, and literature at your own pace.


Language Learning: Members often receive discounts on French language courses and workshops, providing an opportunity to learn or improve French language skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.


Networking and Community: Being a member connects you to a diverse community of Francophiles, students, professionals, and cultural enthusiasts. This creates opportunities for networking, socializing, and engaging in discussions about shared interests.


Discounts and Benefits: Memberships typically come with discounts on Alliance Française events, workshops, and partnerships with local businesses, cinemas, and cultural organizations.


How to Apply:

To join as a member at Alliance Française de Dhaka, interested individuals can contact at [email protected] or the main center at Dhanmondi to inquire about membership packages, benefits, and registration procedures.


Membership fees and categories may vary based on the privileges offered, such as language student, associate or full memberships.

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Teachers Training

Alliance Française de Dhaka offers teacher training programs for AF French language educators to enhance their teaching skills and methodologies. These programs aim to support educators in delivering high-quality French language instruction and staying updated with the latest teaching techniques. Here’s an overview:


Purpose: Teacher training programs at Alliance Française de Dhaka are designed to improve the pedagogical skills of French language teachers. These programs often focus on effective teaching methodologies, classroom management techniques, curriculum development, and the integration of cultural elements into language instruction.


Content: The training sessions cover diverse topics relevant to language teaching, such as innovative teaching approaches, use of technology in language education, designing engaging lesson plans, assessing student progress, and creating a dynamic and immersive learning environment.



Professional Development: Participating in teacher training programs allows educators to expand their knowledge base, exchange ideas with fellow teachers, and acquire new teaching strategies. It’s an opportunity for professional development and networking within the teaching community.


Delivery: These programs conducted through workshops, seminars, online modules, or in-person training sessions in AF Paris, BELC program offered in India or in France, MOOC led by experienced educators or specialists in language pedagogy.


Access and Application: French language teachers affiliated with Alliance Française de Dhaka or other educational institutions might have access to these training programs. Information about the schedule, application process, and eligibility criteria for these programs can typically be found on the institution’s website or communicated through internal channels.


To enhance teaching skills and staying updated with modern language teaching methodologies within the context of teaching French, the teacher training programs at Alliance Française de Dhaka offer valuable opportunities for professional growth and development.


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Joining Alliance Française de Dhaka as an employee can be an enriching experience, contributing to the institution’s mission of promoting French language, culture, and fostering cultural exchange. Here are some insights into the process of becoming an employee:


Job Opportunities: Alliance Française de Dhaka occasionally advertises job openings on their official website or through other recruitment platforms. These openings might include positions in administration, cultural coordination, language teaching, library management, marketing, and more.


Requirements: Job requirements vary based on the specific role but often include educational qualifications, relevant work experience, language proficiency (especially in French and English), and skills pertinent to the job description.



Application Process: Interested candidates can apply for positions by submitting their resumes, cover letters, and any other required documents as specified in the job advertisement. The application process may involve interviews and assessments to evaluate suitability for the role.


Cultural Engagement: Working at Alliance Française de Dhaka offers the opportunity to engage in a multicultural and intellectually stimulating environment. Employees often contribute to organizing cultural events, language courses, workshops, and other initiatives.


Professional Development: The institution might provide avenues for professional growth, including training opportunities, skill development programs, and workshops to enhance employees’ abilities and knowledge.


To explore employment opportunities at Alliance Française de Dhaka, individuals can regularly check our official website for information about current vacancies, application procedures, and requirements. Being a part of the Alliance Française team can be a rewarding experience for those passionate about promoting French language and culture while contributing to a dynamic cultural institution.


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Internship opportunities in culture or pedagogy at Alliance Française de Dhaka provide valuable hands-on experience for individuals specially for both local and international students who are interested in cultural exchange, language education, and promoting French language and culture. These internships offer a chance to work within a dynamic and multicultural environment.


Internship Focus: Internships in culture or pedagogy might focus on various aspects, including organizing cultural events, assisting in language teaching, supporting administrative tasks, participating in curriculum development, contributing to cultural exchange programs, or aiding in multimedia resource management.


Learning Experience: Interns gain practical experience and insights into the operations of a renowned cultural institution. They work alongside experienced professionals, acquiring knowledge in cultural programming, language teaching methodologies, event management, and cross-cultural communication.



Tasks and Responsibilities: Interns might be involved in a range of activities, such as assisting in organizing cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, film screenings), supporting language classes, creating educational materials, conducting research, assisting in marketing initiatives, or helping with administrative tasks.


Duration and Requirements: Internship durations may vary, ranging from a few weeks to several months, depending on the specific program and internship objectives. Requirements typically include a background or interest in culture, education, languages, or related fields, along with strong communication and organizational skills.


Application Process: Information about internship opportunities, application procedures, and requirements is usually available on the Alliance Française de Dhaka website or communicated through internship announcements. Interested individuals can apply by submitting their resumes, cover letters, and any additional requested documentation.


Internships at Alliance Française de Dhaka offer a platform for individuals passionate about culture, language, education, and intercultural exchange to gain practical experience and contribute to the institution’s mission. For specific details regarding available internships, it’s advisable to regularly check the institution’s official website.


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