Alliance Française de Dhaka

Translation Form

    Rates per page
    One page is 200 words
    Type of document Ordinary delivery Express delivery
    Type A: Certificates (social/academic) BDT 1,650 per page BDT 2,800 per page
    Type B : Non-technical BDT 1,850 per page BDT 3,150per page
    Type C Technical/legal/special BDT 3,100 per page n/a

    Terms and conditions:

    1. 1. The final cost of the translation will be calculated based on the number of pages of the translated document. Each page is 200 words.
    2. 2. If a translated document has less than 200 words, it will be counted as one page. Likewise, any excess of the 200 words per page limit will be counted as an additional page.
    3. 3. The actual calculation of pages is done on the text translated by the translator, so the final cost may differ from the initial estimation.
    4. 4. Any document that seems incorrect or unclear may not be accepted for translation.
    5. 5. Full payment in advance is required at the time of document submission to start the translation process. Once the translation is completed, additional charges may occur if the number of pages exceeds the initial estimation.
    6. 6. Alliance Française de Dhaka translates only the document submitted by the client and cannot vouch for the authenticity of the document.
    7. 7. A soft copy of the translated document will be archived for one year unless immediate deletion is requested. Any translated documents requiring editing and reprinting beyond this period will need to be retranslated.

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