Alliance Française de Dhaka

Médiathèque Jules Verne

Monday to Friday, 11h00 to 19h00

La Médiathèque Médiathèque Jules Verne de l’Alliance Française de Dhaka dispose d’une riche collection de livres, de magazines, de journaux et de films en français. Les usagers peuvent emprunter les ouvrages pour une durée déterminée et ainsi enrichir leurs connaissances de façon autonome. Que ce soit pour améliorer son niveau de français, découvrir les grands classiques de la littérature française ou simplement s’évader à travers les différentes œuvres, la médiathèque offre un large choix de lectures pour tous les goûts.


De plus, la médiathèque organise régulièrement des projections de films français, récents ou classiques, afin de permettre aux membres de découvrir le cinéma francophone dans toute sa diversité. Ces séances sont un véritable moment de partage et de convivialité entre passionnés de cinéma.


La Médiathèque de l’Alliance Française de Dhaka propose également des ateliers de conversation en français, des clubs de lecture, des rencontres avec des écrivains francophones, des expositions et bien d’autres activités culturelles. Ces événements sont l’occasion pour les membres de la médiathèque de se retrouver, d’échanger et de partager leur passion pour la langue et la culture française.


La Médiathèque de l’Alliance Française de Dhaka est un lieu d’échange et de découverte où la langue et la culture françaises sont à l’honneur. Elle joue un rôle essentiel dans la promotion du français au Bangladesh et contribue à l’enrichissement culturel des habitants de Dhaka. Que l’on soit étudiant, professionnel ou simplement curieux de découvrir de nouvelles horizons culturels, la médiathèque est une ressource précieuse pour tous les amoureux de la francophonie.


Glimpses of the Library

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Glimpses of our Ecological Corner

Web radio at the Library

Apart from the vast collection of materials for replenishing our mind we also do Web radio workshops with Yvan Amar. Enjoy some of our audio productions at the workshop.

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How to access library



To become a member, individuals are required to provide identification and a valid proof of address, which may include a passport, national ID card, driver’s license, student ID card, or any government-issued card for identity verification, along with a utility bill from their place of residence. Tourists and foreign residents must present their passports and valid proof of address in Bangladesh and their country.


Aside from proof of identity, minors require a letter of authority from their parents/guardians.


Members agree to adhere to the library ‘s rules and regulations by signing the membership application.


NB: Submitting a false or wrong proof of residence will cancel membership without notice.


Membership forms are available at the reception.


Members must submit two copies of their recent photographs (one passport and one stamp size).


Annual fees:

▪️ Bangladeshi     BDT 2,500
▪️ Language course students of AFD    BDT 1,000
▪️ Associate member / Full member    BDT 2,500

                              Note: Language course students at AFD will receive a trimester complimentary card, while teaching staff will receive a yearly complimentary card, both allowing them to borrow books, magazines, and journals.


Lending Procedures:

▪️ A member can borrow four books, one magazine and one journal (back issue) for two weeks.

▪️ Complimentary cardholders can borrow two books and one magazine for two weeks.

▪️ A member can borrow three multimedia items: two audio CDs and one DVD for one week.


Membership card:

▪️ All members, students and teachers are required to present their membership cards when borrowing and returning books or media. ▪️ Any change of address must be informed in writing to [email protected] as soon as possible. ▪️ Any loss of a membership card must be reported promptly. Replacement cards are available at a fee of BDT 500 per card.



🟩 The documents’ due date can be extended for another loan term. Renewals can be done over the phone. Documents can be reissued once. Renewals must be done on or before the date of return.


Classification of Documents:

🟪 Books and audio-visual items have been classified according to the Dewey decimal classification system. The classification numbers are printed on the spine of the books. Please ask the Librarian for further information.


🟪 Please do not return a book to the shelf after consulting it; instead, keep it on the table.


General Notice:

1️⃣ In case of delay in the return of borrowed items, a fine of BDT 50 will be charged per document after crossing double due dates.


2️⃣ In case of loss or damage of borrowed items, the member will be charged the price of the lost item + 30% of the price (shipment and processing charges).


3️⃣ USB pen drives cannot be used in library computers.


4️⃣ If multimedia items such as DVDs or audio CDs are damaged, a fee of BDT 300 will be levied for each copy.


5️⃣ All bags and personal belongings must be deposited at the entrance.


6️⃣ Use of cell phones is prohibited inside the library.


7️⃣ The library reserves the right to inspect any personal items and assumes no responsibility for their loss or destruction.


8️⃣ All members are asked to respect the library ‘s peace and calm. In the event of misconduct, the Director or staff has the authority to remove the individual and revoke their membership.

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