Alliance Française de Dhaka

Auditorium Nouvelle Vague

Monday to Friday, 11 am to 7 pm

The Auditorium Nouvelle Vague at Alliance Française de Dhaka is a cultural hub and versatile space that hosts a wide array of events, performances, and cultural activities. This modern and well-equipped auditorium serves as a focal point for various artistic and intellectual endeavors, offering a platform for cultural exchange and creative expression.‘Auditorium Nouvelle Vague’, one of the most coveted auditoriums in Dhaka, can be booked for seminars, presentations, lectures, and corporate meetings.


The 73-seats well-furnished fully air-conditioned auditorium with modern audio-video facilities are able to suit different functions and events.


Key features of Auditorium Nouvelle Vague:


Facilities: The auditorium is designed to accommodate diverse events, including concerts, film screenings, theatrical performances, lectures, seminars, and exhibitions. It boasts state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, comfortable seating arrangements, and adaptable space suitable for different types of presentations.


Cultural Events: Auditorium Nouvelle Vague regularly hosts a rich program of cultural events encompassing French and Bangladeshi cultural activities. These events showcase a range of artistic forms, including live music performances, dance shows, theater productions, film festivals, literary readings, and art exhibitions.


Cultural Exchange: The auditorium serves as a platform for fostering cultural exchange between France and Bangladesh. It facilitates interactions among artists, intellectuals, students, and the public, promoting dialogue, understanding, and appreciation of diverse cultural expressions.


Educational Activities: Alongside cultural events, the auditorium often hosts educational activities such as language workshops, academic seminars, and conferences, contributing to intellectual discourse and knowledge sharing.


Community Engagement: Auditorium Nouvelle Vague plays a vital role in engaging the local community by offering access to cultural experiences, educational resources, and opportunities for artistic expression.


The name “Nouvelle Vague” (New Wave) carries an artistic connotation, echoing the spirit of innovation, creativity, and contemporary expression often associated with the French New Wave movement in cinema and the arts.


The Auditorium Nouvelle Vague at Alliance Française de Dhaka stands as a vibrant space where cultural diversity is celebrated, creativity thrives, and intellectual exchange flourishes, contributing to a deeper understanding and appreciation of French and Bangladeshi cultures.

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Glimpses of theatrical performance at the auditorium

How to access our auditorium?

If you are willing to book the facility, please submit a meeting request to our team. We will reach you back in 15 working days.

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