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Quarterly admissions occur in December, March, June, and September.
Students can enroll in any of these months and start learning the following month.



  1. By enrolling at Alliance Française de Dhaka (AFD), a student contractually agrees to abide by its rules and regulations. AFD reserves the right to revise them at any time.
  2. Admission is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Only payment secures admission.
  3. A new student must show his/her valid passport or national identity card (NID) or smart national identity card or birth certificate. A continuing student must bring his/her AFD ID.
  4. A new student seeking admission in any level other than A1.1 or resuming after a break of more than two consecutive sessions has to take a placement test to be assigned the right class level, except when a six-month-old proof of standardized proficiency is provided.
  5. Apart from provable exceptional circumstances, postponing admission from the current session to the upcoming session is not possible.
  6. The option to change / shift classes is permitted only once and must be done before receiving the class starting announcement email from AF Dhaka office or up to 72 hours before the class starting date (indicated in class offer), depending on seat availability. Fees may be adjusted accordingly.
  7. Timings, fees et al. of the classes are subject to change without any prior notice. AFD reserves the right to divide, combine or cancel any classes.
  8. Refunding of course fees can only be claimed till three days before the commencement of the class. AFD reserves the right to evaluate the given reason and render a final decision. An administrative fee of BDT 1,000 is charged. *
  9. A full refund is allowed if the particular class is canceled due to an insufficient number of students or for any official reasons. Any kind of refund cannot be claimed after six months from the date of payment. *
  10. Late admission to a particular class can be possible only if no more than two classes have been conducted. A late-registration fee of BDT 1,000 is applicable.
  11. A student can enroll for the succeeding session before the publication of the end-of-session (fin session, FS) test result. Should s/he fail the test, the student can take re-admission in the same class or can get a full refund. No credit can be shifted or credited to the upcoming session.

General Rules

  1. Books once delivered are not returnable or refundable. Only original textbooks can be utilized by the students (photocopied books are not allowed in the classroom — AFD reserves the right to remove such books from the classroom).
  2. A student needs to carry his/her AFD ID card. This card can be reissued with a payment of BDT 100.
  3. Every student needs a minimum attendance of 50% for taking the FS test. If attendance is between 20% and 49%, the student will be charged an additional BDT 1,000 for taking the test. Under 20% attendance, s/he cannot take the FS test.
  4. No replacement class is provided if a student misses any classes.
  5. Should the administration cancel a class, it will be replaced within the same period.
  6. In serious circumstances of misbehavior, AFD reserves the right to expel a student or client from its courses and premises. AFD will inform the student and/or the guardian in writing.
  7. Payments can be made through Bank, Bkash, or Visa card. Students are requested to make payments within three consecutive working days after receiving confirmation of registration. Please check the Payment Guideline.
  8. In case of claiming a refund and/or at the time of picking up the textbooks, the client has to submit the two original copies of the bank deposit slip to AFD. In case of evening banking or Friday/Saturday deposit services being used, the only original copy of the bank deposit slip is to be submitted.*


  1. Every student from ‘Prim’ and ‘Junior’ classes will be assessed through continuous evaluation following his/her respective DELF Prim session.
  2. The DELF test is a prerequisite for students to progress to the next level of enrollment.
  3. Without achieving a passing score on the DELF test, students will not be allowed to enroll in the next level.
  4. DELF test is must to enroll in next level i.e. A2-1 / A2 (1+2) / B1-1 etc…
  5. Any DELF certificate holder assigned a lower-class level in the provision of article iv-Admission policy, does not need to enroll for the same DELF level test. Instead, s/he can sit for a retake test free of charge within the session.
  6. If a student is found to be withholding information about his/her preceding unsuccessful result, AFD reserves the right to cancel his/her admission without any reimbursements.

* The claim must be made in writing and sent to [email protected].

† Dhanmondi and Gulshan branches only.

‡ For DELF-DALF, a student has to achieve a minimum overall score of 50 with a minimum of five (out of 25) in each of the four skills.

For more information –
Offce hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.
Contact: [email protected];
+88 01678 673 771, +88 01678 086 441, +88 01678 086 442

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