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Western Classical Guitar

Western Classical Guitar

The Western Classical Guitar Workshop at Alliance Française de Dhaka is a melodic journey that invites enthusiasts and aspiring musicians to explore the enchanting world of classical guitar. Tailored for participants of all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced players, this workshop offers a comprehensive learning experience under the guidance of Mr. Iftekhar Anwar, MMus (Arizona State University, USA) with a passion for Western classical music.


The workshop typically covers a range of topics, including fundamental techniques such as fingerpicking, strumming, and chord progressions. Participants delve into the intricacies of classical guitar repertoire, learning to interpret and perform pieces from various eras and styles within Western classical music. The curriculum may also include music theory relevant to the guitar, providing a well-rounded education for attendees.


In addition to technical instruction, the workshop at Alliance Française de Dhaka often emphasizes musical expression, interpretation, and the development of a nuanced playing style. Participants have the opportunity to engage in practical exercises, individual practice sessions, and collaborative performances, fostering a supportive and inspiring musical community.


The incorporation of Western classical music into the curriculum at Alliance Française de Dhaka suggests a cultural exchange element, providing participants with a unique blend of French and Western musical traditions. This not only enriches the learning experience but also contributes to a broader appreciation of classical music from around the world.


For those with a passion for the classical guitar or individuals seeking to embark on a musical journey, the Western Classical Guitar Workshop at Alliance Française de Dhaka offers a harmonious and educational platform. For specific details on schedules, enrollment procedures, and upcoming sessions, it is recommended to contact Alliance Française de Dhaka directly or visit their official website.

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Iftekhar Anwar (Coordinator)

Iftekhar Anwar (Coordinator)

Iftekhar Anwar is the founder and director of Classical Music Academy [CMA] in Dhaka. In 2001, he obtained a Diploma in Music from the Razi Conservatory in Athens, Greece. He completed his Bachelor of Music in 2005 and Master of Music in 2008 at Arizona State University.


His mentors were Elena Papandreou, Guitarist and Professor at the University of Macedonia, and Frank Koonce, Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University. He also studied cello with Emília Garcés. In addition to serving as the director of CMA, Iftekhar coordinates the classical guitar course at Alliance Française de Dhaka where he has popularized classical guitar playing and performance in the region. 


As a part of CMA’s initiative to pioneer and establish music education in Bangladeshi schools, he has transcribed and arranged popular Bengali and English songs using Western staff notation. These have been performed by the CMA Chamber Orchestra for the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Bangladesh Television, Chhayanaut Sangit Vidyatan, Bishwa Shahitto Kendro, and other important venues. He is the editor of the music anthology book Folk Melody of Bangladesh.


Iftekhar Anwar, MMus (Arizona State University, USA)
01741 009 497
 [email protected]


096 3866 2266

Office Hours
Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Md. Ali Akkas (Teacher)

Md. Ali Akkas (Teacher)

Md. Ali Akkas started pursuing his musical ambitions from a very early age, when he attended Comilla Shilpokola Academy.


He took lessons in traditional folk music from M. N. Akhter in Chittagong and from Abbasuddin in Comilla. After moving to Dhaka, he attended the Jagannath University and completed his bachelor’s and master’s studies in Business Administration.


Concurrently, he enrolled at Alliance Française de Dhaka to take lessons in classical guitar under Iftekhar Anwar. He also started playing the silver flute and later was mentored by Professor Mats Moller.


At present, he is affiliated with Dhaka University and Classical Music Academy, and has been a flutist and a singer for the CMA Chamber Orchestra since 2011.



M. Akash
01568 503 153
 [email protected]

Various training sessions with international artists in western classical music have attracted enthusiastic participation from the students on multiple occasions.

Experience the magic in the class where the students from the western classical guitar workshop showcase their skills and undergo performance evaluation.

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