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Violin workshop - Dhanmondi

Violin workshop - Dhanmondi

The Violin Workshop at Alliance Française de Dhaka presents an immersive and inspiring opportunity for music enthusiasts to delve into the captivating world of violin playing. Tailored for beginners as well as intermediate-level players, this workshop offers comprehensive instruction in mastering the techniques and artistry associated with the violin.


Led by experienced and skilled instructors with a passion for music education, the workshop typically covers various aspects essential to violin playing. Participants learn fundamental techniques such as proper posture, bowing techniques, finger placement, intonation, and musical expression. Additionally, the curriculum may include music theory relevant to the violin, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the instrument.



Through a combination of individual practice, group sessions, and collaborative exercises, attendees have the opportunity to enhance their skills and musicality. The workshop may explore a diverse repertoire, encompassing classical compositions, traditional pieces, and contemporary music, allowing participants to explore different styles and genres.


The Violin Workshop at Alliance Française de Dhaka fosters a supportive and engaging environment, encouraging participants to share their progress, exchange ideas, and participate in performances or recitals. This collaborative approach not only enhances individual learning but also creates a sense of community among violin enthusiasts.


Moreover, the workshop might incorporate elements of French violin traditions, providing participants with insights into the cultural aspects of violin music.


For individuals passionate about the violin or those seeking to embark on a musical journey with this beautiful instrument, the Violin Workshop at Alliance Française de Dhaka offers a nurturing and educational experience. To obtain specific details about schedules, enrollment procedures, and upcoming sessions, it is advisable to contact Alliance Française de Dhaka directly or consult below information.

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Philip Hazra (Coordinator and teacher)

Philip Hazra (Coordinator and teacher)

Has been teaching Violin and Cello Professionally for more than 20 years in Bangladesh. He completed his Advance Certificate Examination on Cello from the Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) London, which is one of the largest musical education center of UK, offering assessments to more than 630,000 candidates in 93 countries every year including Bangladesh.


He has also attended International youth Festival in Germany where he completed Teacher’s Training Course on Teaching Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass for two years. There he had chances to attend many masterclasses on Cello, Violin, Singing and Music Theory from renowned musicians of Germany, America, England, France and Russia namely – Mstislav Rostropovich, John Reid, Einar Holm, John Cooper, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Michael Christie and many more.


While in India, he was the Conductor of Calcutta Foundation Orchestra and regular member as the Principal Cellist of Calcutta Chamber Orchestra, Delhi Symphony Orchestra and Bombay Chamber Orchestra. At present he is teaching at Alliance Française de Dhaka and EMK center. Previously taught at American International School, Sunbeams School, International Turkish Hope School, Sound of Music, Russian Cultural Centre, Omni and Centre for Asian Arts and Cultures (CAAC). He was also invited to give a Lecture on Western Classical Music at Bengal Foundation.


He also feels very proud to Transcribe National Anthem of Bangladesh into staff notation from Akarmatrik Swaralipi for Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy under the guidance of Dr. Sanjida Khatun.


He prepares the students for the yearly examinations of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) London for Violin, Cello and Music Theory following their curriculum.


Philip Hazra
01714 499 595
 [email protected]


096 3866 2266

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Some sneak peaks of the workshop students where they have to showcase their skills and undergo performance evaluation.

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