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Subcontinental Classical Music

Subcontinental Classical Music

The Subcontinental Classical Music workshop, offered by Alliance Française de Dhaka, is a captivating musical journey that delves into the rich and diverse traditions of classical music from the Indian subcontinent.


This workshop provides a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts and aspiring musicians to immerse themselves in the enchanting melodies and intricate rhythms of classical music, exploring the traditions of North Indian Hindustani classical music and South Indian Carnatic classical music. Through expert guidance and interactive sessions, participants gain insights into the history, theory, and practice of this timeless art form, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cultural heritage of the subcontinent.


The workshop at Alliance Française de Dhaka serves as a bridge between diverse cultures, celebrating the universal language of music.

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Manzurul Islam Khan

Manzurul Islam Khan

Manzurul Islam khan, is one of the best Ghazal Singer of Bangladesh along with a new Ghazal sensation in this sub-continent with the golden voice of his guru “Jagjit Singh”; The artiste or the pleasure presenter to the aesthetic mind can assure it was the effort of exploring music & Now people call Manzur “Banglar Jagjit” (Jagjit of the Bengli).

Manzur completed his master’s degree From Dhaka University & master’s in music from University of Bombay (Mumbai), India.


Manzurul Islam Khan, MMus (University in Mumbai, India)
01715 472 277
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[email protected]


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Experience the magic of a live concert where the students from the classical music workshop showcase their skills and undergo performance evaluation, creating a truly memorable event.

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