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Painting workshop -Gulshan

Painting workshop -Gulshan

The Painting Workshop at Gulshan Center in Alliance Française de Dhaka is a colorful and creative space designed to inspire young artists to explore their imagination and express themselves through art. Tailored for children of various age groups, this workshop offers a nurturing environment where budding painters can unleash their creativity and develop their artistic skills.


Led by art instructor Mohammad Habibulla, the workshop introduces basic principles of painting, color theory, various painting techniques, and artistic concepts in a playful and engaging manner. Children are encouraged to experiment with different mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, and pastels, allowing them to discover their preferred artistic style.


The curriculum is thoughtfully structured to stimulate children’s creativity while providing guidance and support to help them develop their artistic abilities. Through fun and interactive activities, storytelling, and hands-on painting sessions, young participants learn to observe, interpret, and create their own artworks.


The Painting Workshop for children at Alliance Française de Dhaka fosters an environment that encourages self-expression and celebrates individuality. It also promotes cultural appreciation by incorporating elements of French art and aesthetics into the learning experience.


Additionally, these workshops often showcase children’s artworks through exhibitions or presentations, providing a platform for young artists to proudly display their creations and share their artistic journey with family and friends.


For parents seeking to nurture their child’s artistic talents or simply looking for a creative outlet, the Painting Workshop at Alliance Française de Dhaka offers an inspiring and enjoyable opportunity. For specific details about schedules, enrollment procedures, and upcoming sessions, it’s recommended to contact Alliance Française de Dhaka directly or consult below details.

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Mohammad Habibulla (Coordinator and teacher)

Mohammad Habibulla (Coordinator and teacher)

Mohammad Habibulla has been working as an artist and instructor at the Alliance Française de Dhaka since 2010. His “Painting” course and workshop have gained significant popularity for over thirteen years. He has a Fine Arts Diploma from the University of Shanto-Marium (Faculty of Fine Arts) and a Certification in Ceramics from the Design Centre, BSCIC, Dhaka.


In addition to his expertise in fine arts, he has extensive experience in Child Art Education. He collaborated with Professor Mostafizul Haque (Dhaka Fine Art Institute) for seven years, teaching fine arts to students aged 3-18. During this time, he followed the Japan-based Children ART Education introduced by Professor Mostafizul Haque in Bangladesh, focusing on various aspects of fine arts such as Drawing, Painting, Fine Arts Materials, and other techniques.


Mohammad Habibulla has received numerous awards and recognition for his work, including 40 awards from Japan, 28 awards from France, 25 awards from the Czech Republic, 73 awards from Poland, 66 awards from Slovakia, and 9 awards from China. These awards highlight his talent and skill in the field of fine arts.


Mohammad Habibulla
01912 839 428, 01730 577 201
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A collection of snapshots showcase the painting students’ activities and exhibition work.

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