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Wolfed Down; July 9 and 10

Jul 09, 2024 – Jul 10, 2024

Shilpakala Academy, Experimental Theatre Hall, Dhaka

Wolfed Down; July 9 and 10

Wolfed Down! Adapted from the Brothers Grimm’s Little Red Riding Hood

A « one-woman show » for an actress and a whole world of puppets For a general audience, suitable for children 8 years old and up


Due to high demand, Laurie Cannac will be making a comeback at the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Experimental Theatre Hall on July 9th and 10th, 2024, to present “WOLFED DOWN.”


Show Schedule:

🎭 09 July 2024 at 7:00 pm

🎭 10 July 2024 at 7:00 pm


To attend, please register at [email protected] with your Full name, mobile number, and preferred performance date.


The show will be conducted in English.


Inspired by the famous European fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood by the Brothers Grimm, it is a “one-woman show” by the very talented Laurie Cannac and a whole universe of puppets.


Directed by Ilka Schönbein with Laurie Cannac’s design and interpretation, Wolfed Down was nominated for the Molières Jeune Public Prize in 2010. This “Gothic” version of Little Red Riding Hood builds an eclectic connection between the puppet and the actress’s body, explores its animistic power, and successfully combines poetry and a sense of humour.


The puppetry work of Graine de Vie, Laurie Cannac’s company, combined with the ideas of the great “alchemist” Ilka Schönbein, stands for a popular and particular form of theatre favouring emotion and breaking taboos with an illusionary art skill, using masks and her expressionist aesthetic.


Laurie Cannac is a puppeteer. First trained in the art of drama at the Théâtre-Ecole du Passage, led by Nils Arestrup and Alexandre Del Perugia she learned puppet theatre just by playing in the street. In 1997, she founded her company, Graine de Vie [Seed of Life]. She produced her first official show, L’Homme de la Manche [The Man of La Mancha], a highly personal adaptation of Don Quixote, directed by Alexandre Picard.

Laurie Cannac

Laurie Cannac

Laurie Cannac

Laurie Cannac is a solo puppeteer, who acquired her basic training at the Théâtre-Ecole du Passage of Niels Arestrup and Alexandre del Perugia, and completed it, on the advice of the latter, by going to learn her trade as a puppeteer in the street, in direct contact with the public.


In 1997, she founded the Graine de Vie company to offer a very physical puppet theater, full of energy, emotions and surprises, which continually questions the puppet and its relationship with the actor-manipulator to mix them in a poetic universe.


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