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The School for Wives

Mar 10, 2023 – Mar 11, 2023

Alliance Française de Dhaka, Dhanmondi

The School for Wives

Alliance Française de Dhaka organized a theater based on Moliere’s commedia dell’arte famous social comedy ‘The School for Wives’, titled “Bouder Pathshala” directed by Ashish Khandkar. The play was held in the courtyard of Alliance Française de Dhaka. The Space and Acting Research Center and Theater Lab is a theater production organization founded in 1991 to study communication and creative performance. Ashish Khandkar is leading this theater lab as the Art Director. The main objective of this organization is to create a historical presentation that will bring together the past and the present for a contemporary audience. Arnolfie’s house is at a busy Paris crossroads. After a few days, the rich old man returned to his house. In the meantime, she has kept her pseudonym “La Index”. Palit is determined to marry Agnis since childhood. Inexperienced Agnis, since he was ‘six’ years old, old Arnolfie dreams of creating his beautiful future and getting involved in his own life. Agnis, like a bound wife, tries to be educated and raised in that education. Suddenly Arnolfi is overjoyed to see Horace, the son of Orento, his old friend. Young Horace moves to Paris before his father arrives in Orento, where he meets Agnes in Arnolfi’s absence. Unbeknownst to Horace, this disguised “La Index” is his father’s old friend Arnolfie. Horace forms a passionate romance with Agnis. Incidentally, Horace asks Arnolfie for help in finding Agnis. Arnolfie asks Agnis that in his absence a young man comes home and makes love to Agnis. Arnolfie tells Agnis that what he is doing is abusing his youth. He asks Agnis to mind his behavior. Agnis will only marry Arnolfi.

Adapted, designed, and directed by Ashish Khandkar, and its art excecuted by Songit Barai, the play was performed by Mohammed Amin(Arnolphe); Totho Thimothew (Chrysalde); Rakibul Hasan (Horace); Omar Faruq Khan (Enrique); Jarin Chakma (Oronte); Foysal Mahmud (Alain); Manisa Orchy (Agnès); and Songit Barai (Georgette). 

Glimpses of the performance

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