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The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

Mar 20, 2022

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

A theatrical solo performance by Jean-Paul Sermadiras ‘The Dream of a Ridiculous Man’ was held at the Experimental Theatre Hall in Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Saturday. Organised by Alliance Française de Dhaka, the performance will start at 7:00pm ‘The Dream of a Ridiculous Man’, subtitled ‘A Fantastic Story’, is a short story written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in 1877. It is an initiatory and mystic experience proposed by Dostoevsky. This adaptation explores the fine lines between dream and reality with modernity and subtlety.
A few lines of the performance are “I am a ridiculous man. they call me mad now. that would be a step up in rank if I did not still remain as ridiculous to them as before. but now I’m no longer angry, now they are all dear to me, and even when they laugh at me, I love them all.”
Jean-Paul Sermadiras

Jean-Paul Sermadiras

Jean-Paul Sermadiras is a notable theatre performer. He earned a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Paris. He received training at Blanche Salant’s International Workshop. In 1995, he founded the Compagnie du Passage. He performed at the Avignon Festival on several occasions. On stage, he appeared in over forty plays by Molière, Shakespeare, and Chekhov all throughout France as well as Morocco and India, among other places.

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