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Minor Matters

Mar 18, 2022

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

Minor Matters

Swiss artist Peter Rinderknecht captivated the audience at the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) with his mesmerizing performance. He graced the National Theatre Hall of BSA on a Friday, where he showcased his talent in the theatrical production titled ‘Minor Matters.’ The event was organized by Alliance Française de Dhaka as part of their Francophonie celebrations in Dhaka. “Minor Matters” weaves a narrative of departure, desires, hopes, and disappointments. Through the narrator’s storytelling, a picturesque farm comes to life. Once, it was home to a diligent farmer who tended to his fields and cared for his animals, finding contentment in the simplicity of his life. However, he began to sense that something was missing in his otherwise peaceful and orderly existence. On a fateful Saturday evening, he ventured into the town and crossed paths with the woman of his dreams. Their union marked the beginning of what appeared to be perfect happiness, as they started a family together. But just as the idyllic life emerged seemingly out of nothing, it eventually crumbled and fell apart.

For forty years Peter Rinderknecht, actor, director and author, has been one of the important personalities in theatre for young audiences in Switzerland. As the director of his company “Theater for a growing audience” he takes his plays all over the world. His open form of story telling creates a unique theatre world in which reality and fantasy merge.

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