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A line may define the edges of territory. Territories can inhabit and cross many different realms or dimensions – geopolitical, climatic, psychological, economic, emotional or physical. One can impact the effects of others and these defining lines can describe, confuse, overlap and blur.


The word territory will carry different meanings to different people. It is loaded with many connotations and interpretations which resonates powerfully in many parts of the world right now. The demarcation of physical, emotional and imagined territory can be drawn by a river, a mountain range; a line drawn on a breakfast table in Shimla; a glass ceiling, a social class, a language; the conscious and dreamed, the virtual and real – and those positions between.


Ask what someone what they think territory is and we will get a different answer from the same person at a different time. Some may be concrete, some invisible and others implied. Others are ill defined; a ‘no-mans’ land of accessibility or opportunity. A liminal space.


Some can traverse territory, others are denied. A definition for some, an exclusion for others. Artists explore their own interpretation borne out of lived, transposed and observed testimony, remarking upon the visible and invisible spaces that we negotiate. These interpretations are traversed through those stories exchanged and the friendships that are fostered – histories shared and accepted.


There is a lineage of connection through shared heritage, memory, experience and inherited, precious ephemera.


Curator – Niharika Momtaz


Artists name – (Alphabetical order)


a) Arpita Akhanda;


b) Bipasha Hayat;


c) Mohosin Kabir;


d) Richard Crook & Sounak Das;


e) Sarker Protick;


f) Shimul Saha;


g) Zahra Jewanjee & Sophiya Khwaja

Invisible Stories

By Laurie Cannac and a team of Bangladeshi artists


Bangladesh, a country impacted by historical events like the partition of 1947 and the war of 1971, possesses a rich thousand-year-old history that explores the connection between humans and the mystical realm. This heritage is preserved through oral traditions which reflect the present world, historical disruptions, and the fragile unity of Bengali culture.


In her immersive experience in Bangladesh, including workshops, meetings, and the Faim de loup show, Laurie Cannac encountered Bangladeshi stories and artists, deeply moved by their resilient positivity. Inspired by this, she aims to showcase their vitality, humor, and adaptability in a unique production called Invisible Stories. Drawing from the diverse oral traditions that encompass all religious communities, ghost stories, and other supernatural elements, Laurie has formed a team of three versatile actors-dancers-singers to create this multidisciplinary project.


Through a collection of traditional Bengali ghost stories, the artists will reimagine Dhaka, their city-megalopolis, by submerging it in a surreal and dreamlike world. This creative process aims to find explanations for the city’s challenges, such as its notorious traffic, by attributing them to the rural exodus of tree ghosts. The coexistence of the ancient and modern will be portrayed as walls supported by specialized ectoplasm.


Furthermore, the production will allude to historical ghosts, like ghost trains inspired by the tragic passengers of the 1947 convoys. Additionally, the exploration of personal ghosts, intertwined with Jung’s collective unconscious, will add depth to the relationships between the characters. The technical aspects of the production will emphasize the representation of the invisible through various means, including play, movement, objects, and body puppetry.

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Please find the details of this project “Invisible Stories” / Projet artistique Histoires Invisibles:


Project “Invisible Stories” 🇬🇧

Projet artistique “Histoires Invisibles” 🇫🇷

Calendar of the production and activities 2024-2025:


1️⃣ In May 20 – August 20, Actors will rehearse for ‘Invisible Story’ from May 20 to the second week of August 2024 at Al-Alliance Française Gulshan and Dhanmondi center.


2️⃣ From Last week of August 2024, the technical show will take place at Studio Theatre Hall, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in the last week of August 2024. (not open for audiences)


3️⃣ From September 16 to Spetember 26, the second rehearsal is scheduled for the final show.


4️⃣ In October 06 and 07, to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Alliance Française de Dhaka, “Invisible Stories” will be staged on October 6th and 7th, 2024 at Experimental Theatre Hall, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.


Show Schedule


🎭 06 October 2024 at 7:00 pm


🎭 07 October 2024 at 7:00 pm


5️⃣ Tour of performance In October and November 2024, there will be a tour all over Bangladesh, mainly in Khulna and Satkhira.


6️⃣ In April 2025, there will be a performance in Paris during Bangladeshi Art Week. (yet to be confirmed)


7️⃣ In September 2025, there will be participation in the International Puppet Festival in Charleville-Mézières, France.

Orchestration in Bengali song

La chanson bengalie : l’orchestration


To commemorate the 65th anniversary, Alliance française de Dhaka and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Bangladesh will collaborate to host a magnificent orchestra showcasing predominantly Bengali music. The exceptional performers from Flaming Acoustics will exclusively grace this special occasion.


Please note that this event is by invitation only and not open to everyone.


Note from the organizer:


After returning to the country from America in 2009, I tried to form a music ensemble. And I had to start from scratch. The journey began through various adversities. For such a group, nothing that was needed was available in Bangladesh. I started to meet many people and continued working through a process of trial and error. Although many of us are familiar with the words “orchestra” and “orchestration,” their practice is almost nonexistent in our country. I believe that, in the context of the present world, this matter should be given serious consideration in the music arena. Our neighboring countries are quite ahead of us in this regard. This project is an outcome of a decade-long work. I have arranged these songs and orchestrated them for different occasions and different events. I have tried to bring out the essence of each song with the colors of orchestration. I express gratitude to Alliance Française de Dhaka and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh for supporting our initiative and reaching out to everyone.


অমৃত মেঘের বারি


Nectar from the Clouds

বাড়ির কাছে আরশিনগর


The City of Mirrors

শ্যাম যদি হইত মাথার কেশ


If Shyam were hair of my head

আজি বাংলাদেশের হৃদয় হতে


From the Heart of Bangladesh

তোমার খোলা হওয়া


Your Open Air

আমার নিশীথ রাতের বাদলধারা


Midnight’s Rain Shower

দাও শৌর্য, দাও ধৈর্য্য


Give Bravery, Give Patience

দূর দ্বীপবাসিনী


The Inhabitant of a Distant Island

একুশের গান


The Song of The Twenty First

মুক্তির মন্দির সোপান তলে


At the Steps of the Temple of Liberation

পূর্ব দিগন্তে সূর্য উঠেছে


The Sun Has Risen in the Eastern Horizon

এক সাগর রক্তের বিনিময়


For the Price of An Ocean Of Blood

শোনো একটি মুজিবরের থেকে


Listen, From One Like Mujib

বিচারপতি তোমার বিচার করবে যারা


The Arbiters Who Shall Pronounce Your Verdict


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