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Song of Jhinuk

Song of Jhinuk

“Song of Jhinuk” is a 3D animated feature film to instil hope in children amidst the looming threat of climate change in Bangladesh. The narrative follows the daring journey of a 10-year-old girl as she traverses through time and across oceans to shield her marine companions from a malevolent pollution-induced monster lurking beneath the waves.


Born out of a deep concern for the countless reports of marine species washing up on shores worldwide, particularly in Bangladesh’s coastal regions, the project commenced development in 2022. Led by writer-director Afroza Hossain, with Hasib Zuberi Shihan as Producer and Team Platform Ltd. as the production company. In Januaray 2023, this project was awarded winner prize at the second edition of West Meets East Lab, Dhaka International Film Festival under the  mentorship of Nina Lath.


In September 2023, during a cultural meetup organised by Alliance Française de Dhaka, the writer-director had the honour of presenting her work and aspirations to the esteemed President of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron. 

Impressed by her vision, President Macron expressed his desire to support the project. Subsequently, the Government of France extended a plethora of opportunities and resources for Franco-Bangladeshi collaboration. These offerings include prestigious funding, access to top-tier creative talent, and distribution channels across Europe. Moreover, acknowledging Afroza’s commitment to contribute to Bangladesh’s animation industry, plans are underway to collaborate with Les Gobelins, Europe’s premier animation school.

Recognizing the potential synergy between the resources offered by France and the existing opportunities within Bangladesh’s animation sector facilitated by the ICT Ministry, a strategic collaboration is envisaged. This collaboration aims to contribute to Sheikh Russel Animation Lab by developing curriculum, providing hands-on training for local artists, and ensuring the production of world-class films that showcase Bangladesh on the global stage. This partnership promises to fortify Franco-Bangladeshi diplomatic, cultural, and creative ties, paving the way for future animators many opportunities and collaborations in the realm of creative economy.

The proposed co-production between France and Bangladesh holds significant promise for environmental impact, leveraging its thematic focus on climate change and marine life conservation. Through its storytelling, the film “Song of Jhinuk” can inspire viewers to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviors and advocate for policy changes, fostering empathy and understanding towards environmental issues. Overall, “Song of Jhinuk” represents a powerful catalyst for positive change and meaningful engagement on both local and global scales.

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