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Orchestration in Bengali song - La chanson bengalie : l'orchestration; 05 October

Orchestration in Bengali song

La chanson bengalie : l’orchestration


To commemorate the 65th anniversary, Alliance française de Dhaka and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Bangladesh will collaborate to host a magnificent orchestra showcasing predominantly Bengali music. The exceptional performers from Flaming Acoustics will exclusively grace this special occasion.


Please note that this event is by invitation only and not open to everyone.


Note from the organizer:


After returning to the country from America in 2009, I tried to form a music ensemble. And I had to start from scratch. The journey began through various adversities. For such a group, nothing that was needed was available in Bangladesh. I started to meet many people and continued working through a process of trial and error. Although many of us are familiar with the words “orchestra” and “orchestration,” their practice is almost nonexistent in our country. I believe that, in the context of the present world, this matter should be given serious consideration in the music arena. Our neighboring countries are quite ahead of us in this regard. This project is an outcome of a decade-long work. I have arranged these songs and orchestrated them for different occasions and different events. I have tried to bring out the essence of each song with the colors of orchestration. I express gratitude to Alliance Française de Dhaka and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh for supporting our initiative and reaching out to everyone.


অমৃত মেঘের বারি


Nectar from the Clouds

বাড়ির কাছে আরশিনগর


The City of Mirrors

শ্যাম যদি হইত মাথার কেশ


If Shyam were hair of my head

আজি বাংলাদেশের হৃদয় হতে


From the Heart of Bangladesh

তোমার খোলা হওয়া


Your Open Air

আমার নিশীথ রাতের বাদলধারা


Midnight’s Rain Shower

দাও শৌর্য, দাও ধৈর্য্য


Give Bravery, Give Patience

দূর দ্বীপবাসিনী


The Inhabitant of a Distant Island

একুশের গান


The Song of The Twenty First

মুক্তির মন্দির সোপান তলে


At the Steps of the Temple of Liberation

পূর্ব দিগন্তে সূর্য উঠেছে


The Sun Has Risen in the Eastern Horizon

এক সাগর রক্তের বিনিময়


For the Price of An Ocean Of Blood

শোনো একটি মুজিবরের থেকে


Listen, From One Like Mujib

বিচারপতি তোমার বিচার করবে যারা


The Arbiters Who Shall Pronounce Your Verdict


The Actuality of Fiction; 5 July

The Actuality of Fiction; 12th Solo painting exhibition

Details coming soon!……



Gagne une résidence artistique en France et en Belgique du 16 au 21 juillet 2024 pour chanter sur scène aux Francofolies de Spa et enregistrer un morceau en studio à la Cité internationale de la langue française!



En partenariat avec les Alliances françaises, Campus France, les Instituts français et TV5 Monde, un concours de chanson #ChanteEnFrançais est lancé sur Instagram pour distinguer 5 jeunes talents qui seront invités en France et en Belgique pour vivre une aventure musicale inoubliable.
Toutes personnes à partir de 18 ans et du monde entier sont invités à laisser place à leur créativité en français sur Instagram en utilisant les mots-dièses #ChanteEnFrançais, #SingInFrench, #CantaEnFrancès ou #غن_بالفرنسية.

Comment participer ?

  1. Enregistre une vidéo de toi en chantant en français
  2. Partage-la en Reel sur Instagram avec les #ChanteEnFrançais ou #SingInFrench, #CantaEnFrancès ou #غن_بالفرنسية
  3. Suis et tague le compte @francophonie.24 sur Instagram
  4. Augmente tes chances de gagner en t’inscrivant avec le formulaire disponible sur cette page à partir du 22 mai 2024
  5. N’hésite pas à partager avec ta communauté !

Quelle chanson puis-je chanter ?

  • Le choix de la chanson est libre. Tu devras l’interpréter durant au moins 45 secondes. Laisse libre cours à ta créativité !
  • Chante en mode karaoké, avec un instrument ou a capella
  • Chante une chanson existante en français, une traduction en français d’une chanson en langue non-française ou interprète une nouvelle composition en français!

Inscription ouverte du 22 mai au 9 juin 2024

Augmente tes chances de gagner en inscrivant ta participation au concours #ChanteEnFrançais du 22 mai au 9 juin. L’inscription sera obligatoire pour les candidats en liste courte.


Inscris-toi maintenant




Ce Jeu est ouvert à toute personne physique selon les critères suivants :
  • âgée d’au moins 18 ans révolus à la date du 15 mai 2024 ;
  • disposant d’un accès à internet et résidant dans un pays ayant des liaisons régulières de transport aérien ou ferroviaire régulières avec la France ;
  • disposant d’un passeport d’au moins 6 mois de validité à la date du 31 juillet 2024 ;
  • être disponible pour participer au programme de résidence artistique prévu du 16 au 21 juillet 2024.
Sont exclus du Jeu :
  • Les candidat(e)s « professionnel(le)s » au sens où ils/elles ont une activité basée sur les spectacles de chansons rémunérés à temps plein ;
  • Le personnel de l’Organisateur, sa famille, ainsi que toutes les personnes ayant collaborés à l’élaboration du Jeu ;
  • Le personnel de l’Opérateur, de l’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) et de ses opérateurs et leurs familles.

Le règlement complet

Consulte dès maintenant le règlement complet du concours #ChanteEnFrançais !

Clique ici
« Le concours #ChanteEnFrançais représente tout ce que nous voulons porter en 2024 : une francophonie portée par la jeunesse, qui doit s’emparer de la langue française pour la faire vivre à travers l’art, pour la rendre belle et accessible à toutes et à tous. Cette année portera évidemment le sceau de la francophonie grâce au XIXe Sommet de la Francophonie les 4 et 5 octobre prochains, mais ce sont aussi ces initiatives qui feront de 2024, événement après événement, une année de réussite francophone. »

RUDDRO and BEYOND - Book Discussions; 26 June

About the book and Ruddro Muhammad Shahidullah


Ruddro and Beyond is a captivating collection that brings the poetic brilliance of Ruddra Muhammad Shahidullah to English readers. Rudra, a luminary of Bengali literature, devoted his life to writing poetry that sought to reform society and restore beauty and humanity. Known as the poet of love and rebellion, he epitomized the blend of romanticism and revolutionary ideals. His work has inspired a nation to stand against oppression and inequality, making him an enduring symbol of change.


This book features 52 poems, two letters, and five portraits of the poet, providing a comprehensive glimpse into Rudra’s life and legacy. His poetry, which fiercely opposed inequality, exploitation, dictatorship, and fundamentalism, established him as a blazing icon of youth. The depth and artistry of his work have secured him a permanent place in the annals of Bengali literature, beloved by readers for both its emotional resonance and artistic excellence.


Ruddra’s words continue to ignite the hearts of Bengali readers, embodying the spirit of romanticism and the fervor of a social fighter. His liberal attitude toward life, unique lifestyle, and uncompromising stance against adversity set him apart as a true enigma of his time. His prolific writing and influential philosophy have left an indelible mark on our literature.


For his era, Rudra was unparalleled in heart and belief. His legacy as an incandescent emblem of love, rebellion, and social justice will remain effervescent in the hearts of those who cherish Bengali literature.


About the translator


Nadira Bhabna is a bilingual translator, editor, and copy editor, currently working as a freelancer. She studied English Literature at the University of Dhaka, and her passion for translation is evident in her work. Her debut translated book, Ruddro and Beyond, was published by Adorn Publication in 2023. Nadira has also contributed as an assistant editor to Bangabandhu and Bangladesh: History Politics Economy a publication by Journeyman Books and Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited.


Recently, she completed the translation of the mammoth book titled Struggle for Freedom of Languages in India. Nadira is also working on translating the lyrics and poems of the renowned lyricist Shahidullah Farazy into English. Driven by her deep passion for translation, she is dedicated to her career and aspires to introduce Bangla literature to a global audience. Apart from her translation work, Nadira has an innate passion for singing, which she holds close to her heart.

RUDDRO AND BEYOND – Selected Poems by Ruddro Muhammad Shahidullah Translated by: Nadira Bhabna

Sowing - বপন; 07 June

বপন / Sowing


Curated by Golam Faruque Sarkar


Artist name: Anika Tasnim Anup, Bipasha Hayat, Jafrin Gulshan, Golam Faruque Sarkar Khandkar Nasir Ahammed, Sumana Akter. 


“Bangladesh is an agrarian country; if the farmers survive, the country will survive.”


This statement prompts us to question the current relevance of this philosophy. Is it merely a relic found in books, or does it still hold true in today’s reality? How often do we consider the vital processes of agriculture — the sowing of paddy, the methods of cultivation, the threshing of grain, and the storage of crops? These activities, although crucial to our existence, often go unnoticed in our daily lives.


It is essential to understand how much we value the agrarian community. Are farmers receiving fair prices for their products? Does the exploitation by middlemen overshadow the farmers’ hard work from production to marketing and storage? The powerful imagery of farmers, as depicted by the artist S M Sultan, contrasts sharply with their current struggles, often resembling a nightmare rather than a dream.


The current exhibition highlights the occupation that engages nearly half of Bangladesh’s population — the farmers who feed the entire nation. It aims to raise public awareness about the significance of these farmers and their agricultural practices. By exploring the various aspects of traditional agricultural systems and management, the exhibition seeks to revive a dialogue around this topic.


Through the philosophies, emotions, and artistic expressions of the participating artists, this exhibition offers a unique perspective. The diverse forms and mediums used by six artists will provide new insights into the country’s tradition, culture, soil, water, and climate, inspiring the audience to rethink and appreciate the foundational role of agriculture in Bangladesh.

JAZZ Evening - An Evening of Guitar and Saxophone Duo; 04 June

An Evening of Guitar and Saxophone Duo – Parijat X Rahin

Parijat Moumon is a multifaceted artist based in Germany and is known for his dynamic presence in the realms of jazz guitar, composition, and education. His music effortlessly presents traditional jazz language with contemporary soundscapes, rhythmic complexities, and global influences.


Rahin Haider is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Dhaka and is known for his jazz-fusion band The Seesaw Quartet. He started out his musical journey as a bansuri player but later on, he decided to pick up the tenor saxophone as his main instrument. Rahin is one of the busiest recording artists in Dhaka and is affiliated with many notable acts.


The duo will be performing for the first time together and will present their interpretations of jazz standards.


No reservation needed.  The tickets will be available at AF Dhaka Dhanmondi venue. Limited seats!


Date and time: Tuesday, June 4, 7:30 – 9 PM.


Venue: Auditorium Nouvelle Vague, Alliance Française de Dhaka, Dhanmondi.


Gate opens at 7 PM.


Entry : 500 bdt, 300 bdt (for students, ID obligatory)

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