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Strange Vortex - অবাকঘূর্ণি - March 08

Mar 08, 2024 – Mar 08, 2024

Alliance Française de Dhaka, Gulshan

Strange Vortex - অবাকঘূর্ণি - March 08

অবাকঘূর্ণি (Strange Vortex)

Performance by Gidree Bawlee children’s team led by Sumi Rani

Duration : 20 minutes



Gidree Bawlee puppet performance group was formed in 2018. Since its initiation, the group has created multiple puppet and performance projects inspired by the community’s cultural heritage.


In 2023, Sumi Rani, who leads the group, has visited France for a learning residency under the guidance of Laurie Cannac with support from Alliance Francaise de Dhaka. The performance is developed from Sumi’s experience in France and her training with Laurie Cannac. 


Inspired by this work, the Gidree Bawlee children’s team has expanded it into a collaborative piece exploring the societal constraints on imagination and freedom. Drawing from their own experiences and realities, the children add a unique layer to the performance.

Experience the enchanting puppet show presented by Gidree Bawlee on March 08

On March 08, 2024, witness the captivating puppet performance by Gidree Bawlee.

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