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RUDDRO and BEYOND - Book Discussions; 26 June

Jun 29, 2024 – Jun 29, 2024

Alliance Française de Dhaka, Dhanmondi – Auditorium Hall – La Nouvelle Vague

RUDDRO and BEYOND - Book Discussions; 26 June

About the book and Ruddro Muhammad Shahidullah


Ruddro and Beyond is a captivating collection that brings the poetic brilliance of Ruddra Muhammad Shahidullah to English readers. Rudra, a luminary of Bengali literature, devoted his life to writing poetry that sought to reform society and restore beauty and humanity. Known as the poet of love and rebellion, he epitomized the blend of romanticism and revolutionary ideals. His work has inspired a nation to stand against oppression and inequality, making him an enduring symbol of change.


This book features 52 poems, two letters, and five portraits of the poet, providing a comprehensive glimpse into Rudra’s life and legacy. His poetry, which fiercely opposed inequality, exploitation, dictatorship, and fundamentalism, established him as a blazing icon of youth. The depth and artistry of his work have secured him a permanent place in the annals of Bengali literature, beloved by readers for both its emotional resonance and artistic excellence.


Ruddra’s words continue to ignite the hearts of Bengali readers, embodying the spirit of romanticism and the fervor of a social fighter. His liberal attitude toward life, unique lifestyle, and uncompromising stance against adversity set him apart as a true enigma of his time. His prolific writing and influential philosophy have left an indelible mark on our literature.


For his era, Rudra was unparalleled in heart and belief. His legacy as an incandescent emblem of love, rebellion, and social justice will remain effervescent in the hearts of those who cherish Bengali literature.


About the translator


Nadira Bhabna is a bilingual translator, editor, and copy editor, currently working as a freelancer. She studied English Literature at the University of Dhaka, and her passion for translation is evident in her work. Her debut translated book, Ruddro and Beyond, was published by Adorn Publication in 2023. Nadira has also contributed as an assistant editor to Bangabandhu and Bangladesh: History Politics Economy a publication by Journeyman Books and Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited.


Recently, she completed the translation of the mammoth book titled Struggle for Freedom of Languages in India. Nadira is also working on translating the lyrics and poems of the renowned lyricist Shahidullah Farazy into English. Driven by her deep passion for translation, she is dedicated to her career and aspires to introduce Bangla literature to a global audience. Apart from her translation work, Nadira has an innate passion for singing, which she holds close to her heart.

RUDDRO AND BEYOND – Selected Poems by Ruddro Muhammad Shahidullah Translated by: Nadira Bhabna

Nadira Bhabna

Nadira Bhabna

Nadira Bhabna

Hailing from Kuliarchar, Kishoreganj Nadira Bhabna is a bilingual translator, editor, copy editor and freelancer. She studied English Literature at the University of Dhaka. She aspires to take translation to a new horizon through her passionate and relentless working.

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