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Musical Event with Joler Gaan

Dec 22, 2023 – Dec 22, 2023

Alliance Française de Dhaka, Dhanmondi

Musical Event with Joler Gaan


Joler Gaan Performance

“JOLER GAN” at Alliance Française de Dhaka, exclusively for HSBC Partners by Invitation Only.


Alliance Française de Dhaka, in collaboration with HSBC, proudly presents “JOLER GAN,” an exclusive musical soirée curated for HSBC partners by invitation only.


Venue: Alliance Française de Dhaka, Dhanmondi


“JOLER GAN” offers an intimate musical experience, celebrating the harmony of nature’s elements through the enchanting compositions of renowned artists. This exclusive concert invites HSBC partners to indulge in an evening of melodic splendor, serenading the senses with evocative rhythms and soulful melodies.


As a private event by invitation only, “JOLER GAN” offers a serene and sophisticated ambiance within the confines of Alliance Française de Dhaka’s premises. This exclusive musical journey aims to honor the esteemed partnership between HSBC and Alliance Française de Dhaka, celebrating the beauty of music and fostering a moment of shared appreciation.


The evening promises an exquisite blend of musical performances, illuminating the stage with captivating harmonies and poetic melodies, creating an atmosphere of artistic delight exclusively for the distinguished guests of HSBC.


Please note that this event is strictly by invitation and exclusively for HSBC partners. Attendance is reserved for invited guests and is not open to the public.


For more information about the event or inquiries about invitations, please contact HSBC directly.

Some sneak peaks of the event by HSBC

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