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At Your Institution

We can organize French classes at your school or university premises according to your academic calendar.

Alliance Française de Dhaka has the exclusivity of DELF diplomas: French national diplomas délivered by the French government and recognized worldwide. DELF is undoubtedly an added value to the students’ and pupils ‘curriculum. Preparing for DELF can therefore come in addition to O and A levels.

Learning French with the Alliance Française de Dhaka gives to your learners the following advantages:

  • A Method focused on communicative skills targeting DELF diplomas (Level A1)
  • All learning materials come from France
  • DELF Diplomas are sanctioned by the French government which is endorsed by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages
  • Alliance Française de Dhaka also provides Tailor made courses according to the needs of each institution

DELF A1 can be achieved in 150 hours:
Ex: Considering the Period system in the schools, French class could be organized once a week for 2 consecutive periods for a total of 33 academic weeks (50 hours) . The DELF A1 exam could be then taken after 3 consecutive academic years

On-site Group Rates:
Our fees are based on the number of students enrolled.
Hourly rates are—

  • 1,800 BDT per hour for a group of 16 to 20 students
  • 1,600 BDT per hour for a group of 6 to 15 students

Additional Charges:

  • French textbooks corresponding to the levels are to be purchased for each student. Please consult this brochure (see section "My French class") for prices of the textbooks needed.
  • Teachers' conveyance expenses to and from the institution are calculated by the number of commutes made and are to be paid after the signing of a contract. This expense is not included in the hourly rates given above.
  • Costs for sitting DELF-DALF exams depend on levels and can range from BDT 2,200 to BDT 5,000. Please consult this brochure (see section "My test and exams") for details.

At your convenience.


  • The Group should not exceed 20 pupils.
  • The class timetable will be fixed jointly by the School/University and Alliance Française de Dhaka.
  • The contents of the courses and their evaluation will remain under the responsibility of Alliance Française.
  • The School/University Management will provide the applicable academic calendar and holidays chart.
  • All participants’ names and registration forms provided by Alliance Française de Dhaka should be carefully filled.
  • At the end of each month, payment must be honored by the School/University authority after receiving the corresponding bill from Alliance Française.
  • For French lessons, our teaching methods require one TV set, one DVD set and one projector set (if possible).
  • Classroom must be equipped with full sound system (CD players).
  • Alliance Française de Dhaka will be pleased to provide to all the pupils or students in French the Alliance Française de Dhaka student ID card which will enable them to have free access to our library, French movie screenings cultural events.
  • Cancellation of class needs to be communicated 24 hours before.

For more information, contact:
Faizul Kabir Chowdhury
Education Administrative Officer
(French Courses and Examinations)
Alliance Française de Dhaka
26 Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi
Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
Mobile: +88 01678 086 442

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